Menù: Le città del Principe - Barrafranca

Saturday and Sunday, January 5th – 6th and again the following weekend on January 12th – 13th, from 10 am to 8 pm, the interdisciplinary research performed over the past months on the city of Barrafranca will take place.


Muffuletta with ricotta

Federico II of Swabia was responsible for bringing the Nordic focaccia “muffin” to Sicily. In Barrafranca this dish is part of the tradition and is commonly eaten during the festivities in December.


Pasta siringata

It seems that the Portuguese imported to the Iberic peninsula the tradition of fried pasta "Youzagwei” directly from the Ming dynasty. During the Spanish domination the “Churros” were brought to Sicily, becoming a typical dessert of the Barrafranca tradition.