Old buildings - new use, new life

On the occasion of the opening of the new National Museum in Oslo in mid June, the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) organizes a conference on museological projects and museum spaces both in Italy and Norway:

June 14 at 18:30
Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) - Oslo, IIC, Oscarsgt. 56

Old buildings - new use, new life:
Palazzo Butera in Palermo and
the Museum of Architecture in Oslo

Palazzo Butera, a new laboratory for the city of Palermo  - by art historian Claudio Gulli
With the restoration completed in 2021 the Palazzo Butera – a Baroque-style aristocratic palace located facing the Mediterranean in the ancient quarter of Kalsa in central Palermy (Sicily) – has been transformed into a cultural center for the city, creating an important change in the image of Palermo which, also thanks to the Palazzo Butera project, seems to have given the city a new step that will last. The owners, Francesca and Massimo Valsecchi, did not want only to find the right place to host the Valsecchi collection, but to create a wide-ranging cultural project that, through art and culture, could generate social innovation in an international dimension.
Collaboration with Sverre Fehn at the Museum of Architecture in Oslo and the following years with KIMA architecture  - by architect Martin Dietrichson
Dietrichson will in this conference talk about his experience with building reuse in Oslo, beginning with his work with the renown architect Sverre Fehn and his last project: the Museum of Architecture. He will also talk about other structures in Oslo he has been working at, as Sentralen, Telegrafen, Pressens Hus and Tollbodene.
Dietrichson was employed by Sverre Fehn from 2000/2008 and is now owner and partner at KIMA architecture.
The evening will close with a short debate led by architect Alf Howlid

Free entrance