Opening of the second floor

On Sunday, December 22th, from 10 am to pm, the second floor at Palazzo Butera will be open for the first time, after the restoration and the transformation of the building in a hub for arts and culture.  

The entrance hall, with its big gap of the destroyed fresco, is the groud zero of the story. At the same time, it offers a stratigraphy on the Eighteenth Century, with newly rediscoveried painted decorations, and on the Twentieth Century, when a destruction of the ceiling has been attempted. Eight new wall drawings by David Tremlett, the new artist project for Palazzo Butera, will guide the visitor in the first exploration of an area where loans from international museums will be on display in the next years. Here the British artist continues his dialogue with Martorana and Fumagalli, started at the first floor in 2018. 

Every rooms with frescoes will be of a different colour, with the same marmorino finish of the first floor. 

During the day of fhis first preview, the Palazzo Butera team will explain the results of the last two years work


Full: 7,50 €

Reduced price: 5 € (Residents in Palermo, students from Universities and Fine Arts Academies, under 26 years)

Free admission: Children under 18 years old